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One Team Can Handle Your Entire Project

Hire our full-service demolition contractors in Flint, Flushing & Burton, MI

When you want to rebuild your home or tear down a neglected structure, turn to Hardrock Construction Services for assistance. We provide turnkey demolition services in Flint, Flushing, Burton, MI and the surrounding area.

Thanks to our 25+ years of experience, we can make short work of demolishing...

  • Concrete surfaces
  • Decks
  • Home additions
  • Houses
  • Outbuildings
  • Sheds
We'll dispose of the debris responsibly when we're done. Call 810-867-4845 now to hire our demolition contractors.

3 reasons to hire a skilled pro for your demolition project

Demolition work is risky. If you're planning a significant remodel or need to remove an unwanted structure, it's best to leave the demolition services to a qualified demolition contractor. By attempting the job yourself:

  1. You could end up damaging the rest of your home
  2. You could injure yourself or someone else without the right training or equipment
  3. You could tear down a supportive wall or beam that's essential for the structural integrity of your home

Our demolition contractors have the knowledge and experience to complete work safely and efficiently. Connect with us today to schedule demolition services in Flint, Flushing or Burton, MI.